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Best Trekking Peaks in Nepal Banner

Top 10 Trekking Peaks in Nepal & What is it?

What is a Trekking Peaks? If you are to take Trekking, Trekking Peaks & Climbing as siblings. The relationship would be: Trekking – Youngest of all (Junior Brother – loved by all) Trekking Peaks – Middle Brother (No one Cares!) …

10 Things Nepali People are proud of - Banner - Prithvi Narayan Shah, Gurkhalis, Dhaka Topi, Khukri

10 Things Nepali People Are Proud of

Nepal is a country of mysteries. Tourists come here to see the mountains and enjoy the culture. Nepal counts among one of those countries which were never invaded. And, the following are the 10 things, Nepali people are very proud …