About us

BookTain is 100% Nepal based Travel Booking Platform built to offer handpicked, qualified & genuine vacation packages, day tours and group departures in the Himalayas - Nepal.

Booking vacation nowadays is tedious with less transparency and almost no information. Most of the time you are stranded nowhere with half info and a confusion to whether book or not. Especially when you are coming to Nepal this happens a lot.

That is where BookTain comes because:

- BookTain offers clear pre-trip information

- BookTain's operators are verified with excellent track record

- BookTain strictly maintains its standards (includes eco-friendly tours, etc)

- BookTain offers multiple variations of the same tour/packages (variation mostly differs in days, transportation and hotels)

Now you can: "Book Your Soul a Vacation to Mountain."

What is with that Name?!

Read it Again: "Book Your Soul a Vacation to Mountain."