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5 Foods to Try in Nepal

Nepal Food Guide!! YUMMMMM – Five Foods to Try

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Virginia Woolf

So you are a food-savvy – you want to try Nepali cuisine. You are desperate for the FOODS to try in Nepal.


And for that reason, we have listed the most popular & healthy – Nationwide foods, which tourists enjoy in Nepal. These foods rock the taste buds of thousands of  FOOD savvy tourists.

A bit of history – Nepal is a multi-culture and multi-ethnic country. Every culture prepares their own kind of dish and enjoys differently in different occasion. Just ask around about the festivals happening.

If you are trying Nepali food for the first time and have no idea about foods. Read about one of them here and order it to the Table Monkeys!! You’ll love Nepali Food and the show-maker – the one who prepares your delicious food.

1. Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat Nepali Food

Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour A popular slang about Dal Bhat.


You can’t leave Nepal without trying Dal Bhat – it is a nation-wide food. You can eat Dal Bhat almost anywhere in Nepal.


It is eaten as a dinner – Nepali people eat this combination two times a day – as Breakfast and Dinner.


Main Ingredients: Steamed or Boiled rice & Dal (Lentils)

Secondary Ingredients: Curry (Tarkari), Pickles (Achar), Vegetables (Sag)

– We haven’t mentioned basic ingredients like salt, spices, etc. This is not a complete recipe.

2. MoMo Cha

MoMo – is the favorite quick lunch in the City – Kathmandu.


It is a dumpling with seasoned filling. They are available in Buff, Chicken & Veg.


First of its kind were steamed stuffing of Buffalo meat but different variations like Fried Momo, Rainbow Momo and other are available.


The dumplings are Tibet influenced but the taste and the ingredients are evolved from the Newari style of cooking to enhance Nepali taste. And surprisingly – Tourists loves it. You should try it!

Main Ingredient: Flour & Filling of Buff or Chicken or Veg.

Secondary Ingredient: Soup & Chilli Pickle

3. Dhido

Dhindo - an interesting Nepali Food

Dhido is the national food of Nepal. It is a sugar-free dish and comes with its own partner – GUNDRUK.


Dhido can’t be enjoyed without GUNDRUK. They are like Romeo & Juliet – if they were human. Please! always eat them together.


And the dish is also called – GUNDRUK DHIDO. Just check out the menu!


It is famous in the hilly region where Rice is scarce.


Main Ingredients: Wheat, Maize or Barley for Dhido & Fermented Vegetable for Gundruk

Secondary Ingredients: Enjoyed with other dishes – Potato, Beans, and Chicken gravy.

4. Aalu Tama

Alu Tama - Nepali Dish

Aalu Tama has a unique sour taste and the aroma is unmatched.


The Aalu means ‘ Potato ‘ and the Tama is for the ‘ Bamboo Shoots ‘. An experienced chef can blend the strong taste of Tama and yogurt to make the dish outstanding.


Newari restaurants are the excellent place to enjoy the real taste of Aalu Tama.


Main Ingredients: Potato & Bamboo Shoots

Secondary Ingredients: Yogurt, Coriander (for looks)

5. Yomari

Yomari - Newari Food - Nepal

The Yomari is a Newari dish or sweet. You can take it as Nepali Newari Hot Chocolate. why?


The Yomari is a filling of ‘Chaku and Khuwa’ inside a rice flour. When the Chaku is hot – it melts like chocolate and the taste is similar.


The unique shaped dish first came from Newari community – they used to consume the dish during the winter to kill the cold.


Nowadays, the dish is available in most of the Newari restaurants.


Main Ingredients: Rice flour and Chaku (concentrated sugarcane juice)

Secondary Ingredients: Best served with roti, pickles, and veggies.


Now, it is time to hit the Nepali restaurants. Take your friend or hubby or anyone – give them a surprise.


And don’t forget to share!!!


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