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Your Ultimate CHEAT-SHEET to Nepal [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking INFORMATION about Nepal? This Cheat-Sheet should come Handy! – Share or Download for future reference.     Share if your like!!

Women Preparing for Trekking

How to Prepare for Trekking in Nepal?

It is hard to Trek in Nepal, the routes are very remote and the facilities are not so great – But is it true? And if so – how do I prepare for it? And How to Prepare for Trekking …

Three Monkeys sitting with shocked expression.

Prevent Culture Shock! Six Things You Should Know About Nepal Culture and Etiquette

Time to learn some culture! — Nepal is a multi-culture and multi-ethnic nation – with more than 100 different castes & ethnicities – speaking their own language. Here are some norms and etiquette which you normally do in your home …

Swayambhu - The Monkey Temple

10 Reasons to Visit Nepal: According to BookTain

Why should I visit Nepal? Here are the 10 reasons according to BookTain on – Why you should visit Nepal. 1. Year-End Trekking Diverse geography of Nepal makes it possible to trek here all around the year. During the time …

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Is Nepal Safe: After the Earthquake of 2015? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Yes! Nepal is completely safe to Visit. The following data should help you Better understand the PERSPECTIVE. [CLICK to ZOOM]     SHARE this INFO-GRAPH and aware Tourists that Nepal is indeed safer to Visit. This will Help Rebuild Nepal. …

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