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57 Reasons to Visit Nepal

See, Nepal is known for the Temples, trekking and the divine culture. But are there any reasons? Yes, there are many reasons to visit Nepal. Here, we have compiled the 57 reasons to visit Nepal:

1. Trekking for Every Season

Everest Region Trekking

2. Choice for High Altitude Trekking (choose trails from 1500m to 5545m)
3. Diverse Culture (125 ethnics speaking 123 different languages)
Monks Worshiping
4. Very Safe and Friendly Locals (visit and see the difference)
Nepali Potter Making Mud Utensils
5. The Birthplace of Lord Buddha – The Light of Asia
6. The place of World’s highest Mountain – Everest
7. Never been invaded by any country – No independence day
Buildings in Kathmandu Nepal
8. Very affordable (Nepali people live in less than USD 1/day)
Plotting for Farming using Human Effort Nepali
9. Everest Route and Annapurna Route can be done in a luxurious way
10. Everest Route and Annapurna Route can be done in a frugal way
11. Visit the Forbidden Tibetan Kingdom of Mustang
12. Unique Geographical setting – Terai, Hills, and Mountains
The Beautiful Amadablam Mountain
13. World Class Hospitality
14. Family Like Environment
15. Guests are God to Nepalese
Monk and the follower
16. Bungee Jumping above 160m Natural
17. Destination for Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual awakening
Group of Yogis Bhikshyus'
18. From world’s highest 10 mountains, 8 of them is in here
19. The world’s shortest person – Chandra Bahadur Dangi was born here (54.6cm)
20. Only Living Goddess – Kumari is here (you can visit her)
21. More than 200 high-altitude lakes (visit: 9 Lakes to Visit in Nepal)
Amazing lake - Phoksundo Lake
Phoksundo Lake Credit: Laurent Moose
22. Dal-Bhat-Tarkari is delicious cuisine
Dal Bhat Nepali Food
23. Nepal hosts World Elephant Polo Championship
24. Paragliding and Ultralight flight with views of Himalayas is truly mesmerizing
25. Most Extreme airport – Tenzing Hillary Airpor is in Lukla, Nepal
26. You can do Everest Skydive
27. Whitewater rafting in the rivers of Nepal helps you better bond with peers
Rafting in Bhotekoshi
28. World famous Mountain dwellers: SHERPAS live here
29. Bravest Troops of the world – GURKHAS live here
30. Nepal is the pioneer of Trekking; started by the conqueror of Everest – Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary
31. See Mountains within one day of reach
View From Nagarkot
View from Nagarkot – A Day Hike From Kathmandu Leads You Here.
32. Only 59 KM of railway
33. Majority in Kathmandu understands and speaks English
BouddhaNath of Kathmandu
Bauddhanath Stupa
34. 112,000 Gurkhas served in British Army during WWII
35. USD 1/Day is the Average Spending of Nepalese – you can help
Nepali Women Fishing in the River
Nepali Women Fishing
36. Your head is a sacred jewel and no one touches it & you shouldn’t either
37. Home to Red Panda, Snow Leopard, and Bengal Tiger – All endangered animals
38. Because Nepalese Worship cows and they do not sell beef
39. Killing Cow is a Crime
40. Government gives 50% of the Earning from Tourism all to the preservation of wildlife
41. The world record of shaking hands for 42 hours and 35 minutes is set by Two Nepali in 2014
42. Nepal ranks 1st in terms of the producer of Mustard seed.
43. And ranks 3rd in terms of the producer of Ginger
44. MOMO – the most popular fast food in Nepal (visit: 5 Foods to try in Nepal)

45. Spiny Babbler – The only bird found in Nepal
46. Ranked 3rd in the Number of Royal Bengal Tiger in the World
47. Try National Cloth – Daura Suruwal
48. Suitable for all ages
Rhinos in Chitwan National Park
49. World Best Value Destination according to Lonely Planet (2017)
Kathmandu Durbar Squares and the Pegions
50. You can do the Great Himalayan Trail (The longest trail in Nepal, covers all the way from the East to West of Nepal)
51. Is trekking too easy for you? Do the Trekking Peak Climbing and advance to Climb the Mountains.
52. You can Ski in the Mountains
53. You can do the Helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp
Helicopter Tour in Everest Region
54. Everest View Mountain Flight is possible & affordable
55. The weed destination for Hippies
56. Because Not a single blood has been shed in the Name of Religion and Culture
Prayer Flags Nepal
57. Because Nepal needs your help – Help Rebuild Nepal (visit: Is Nepal Safe to Visit?)

These were the 57 reasons to visit Nepal. You might Enjoy:


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57 Reasons to Visit Nepal
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