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Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Pokhara

The second largest tourist hub of Nepal. Pokhara is for known for adventures. This is an ideal spot for thrill seekers. To get you started, here are top 10 things to do in Pokhara: Excerpt: 1. Paragliding/Ultralight/Gliding 2. Bungee Jumping/Zip …

10 Immortal Songs of Nepal

10 Immortal Nepali Classic Songs That Defines The Culture of Nepal

Songs represent a culture and among them, the best one makes a history. These are the top 10 classic immortal songs of Nepal. Excerpt: 1. Resham Firiri – Sunder Shrestha, Dwarika Lal Joshi 2. Mohani Lagla Hai from the movie: …

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Top 10 Things To Do In Lumbini

Lumbini is a great add-on. You can solely do this trip or include this at the end of your trip to Nepal. Many Buddhist followers come here during Buddha Jayanti. It is also found that tourists visit here after exploring the …

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Where Is Nepal Located On The World Map?

Nepal is located in Asia Continent. If you know where China is – then Nepal is to the SOUTH of China. If you know where India is – then Nepal is to the North of India. And Nepal is between …

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Top 10 Trekking Peaks in Nepal & What is it?

What is a Trekking Peaks? If you are to take Trekking, Trekking Peaks & Climbing as siblings. The relationship would be: Trekking – Youngest of all (Junior Brother – loved by all) Trekking Peaks – Middle Brother (No one Cares!) …

10 Things Nepali People are proud of - Banner - Prithvi Narayan Shah, Gurkhalis, Dhaka Topi, Khukri

10 Things Nepali People Are Proud of

Nepal is a country of mysteries. Tourists come here to see the mountains and enjoy the culture. Nepal counts among one of those countries which were never invaded. And, the following are the 10 things, Nepali people are very proud …

57 Reasons to Visit Nepal Banner - Contains many images

57 Reasons to Visit Nepal

See, Nepal is known for the Temples, trekking and the divine culture. But are there any reasons? Yes, there are many reasons to visit Nepal. Here, we have compiled the 57 reasons to visit Nepal: 1. Trekking for Every Season …

Altitude and AMS in the Mountains

Popular Trekking Trails in Nepal & Their Altitude

Trekking in Nepal? Know their altitude before you head to the mountains. This will help you decide what to take with you. The signs of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) begins at 1500 meters in some individuals. And as you gradually …

fun things to do in Kathmandu

10 Fun Things To Do In Kathmandu

1. Tour / SightSeeing In Kathmandu Valley – nothing can beat sightseeing. There are countless cultural heritages which are listed in the UNESCO world heritage sites. You better not miss the opportunity and take a tour around one of the …

10 Things to To in Nepal - Banner of Parahawking, Shopping & Culture Exploration

Top 10 Things to Do in Nepal Besides Trekking

Trekking & Mountain Expedition is two major things travelers love to do in Nepal. Besides these: here are 10 popular things to do in Nepal. 1. Short Tour/Sightseeing or Culture Exploration Nepal is a strong contender in culture. The diverse …

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